Katie’s Art of Seduction

I recommend as enjoyable/entertaining. The heroine, utterly lacking in any common sense of self-preservation, succumbs to the charms of a certifiable stalker who coaxes her out to an abandoned park in the middle of the night to restrain her to a tree for some naked fondling. As it turns out, the hero chose well, b/c she not only stays with him (a) after he kicks her brother’s business out of his property and (b) through his mocking her declaration of love, but she actually returns when he realizes how bad he screwed up after calling her a whore. At least he’s an improvement over the previous guy in that he has a job. My favorite characters are all the supporting cast who clearly are slapping their heads watching the drama commence.

Katie’s Art of Seduction by N.J. Walters

Katie's Art of Seduction
Favorite Quote:
“Well, for some reason Katie saw fit to love you, but there’s no accounting for taste.”