The Human Equation

I recommend as awesome! Soldier is orgasmically tortured by aliens in an attempt to get him to reveal secret information. Which he doesn’t know. So it gets harder and harder and keeps coming and coming. Fortunately, he gets rescued. Not that he appreciates it at that point.

The Human Equation by D. Mark Alderton


Favorite Quote:
“It was supremely revolting and I may never get those disgusting images out of my head”


Hell Squad – Marcus

Enjoyable free read! Hardened soldier fighting to hold back an alien invasion falls hard for the heroine, a translator working to decode the aliens’ communications. So naturally he handles it well when she has to go on their most dangerous mission…Where nothing goes as planned and some spanking occurs.

Hell Squad – Marcus by Anna Hackett


Favorite Quote:
She opened her mouth and he gripped the front of her armor and yanked her onto her toes. He pressed a quick kiss to her open mouth.
“I. Need. You. Safe,” he growled.

White Christmas (title has no relation to story -BZ)

I recommend as an enjoyable free read! Heroine leads crashed hero to shelter, saving him from getting eaten alive by hostile planet’s inhabitants until help arrives. The problem: they’ve got to hold off the inhabitants after being discovered. The solution: the inhabitants can’t stand lusty hormones. The problem with the solution: heroine thoroughly hates the hero for dumping her with nary a word goodbye. Fortunately for both, either everything’s not as it seems and/or he’s a convincing liar (anyone would be under the circumstances, really).

White Christmas by Ros Baxter

White Christmas

Favorite Quote:
“A temporary miracle,” Tabi reminded him. “If we don’t get out of here in a couple of hours, you’ll meet your maker.”

“Please try not to sound so disappointed,” he said, his beautiful mouth a wry line.



Music the story reminded me of:

Premature Pursuit

As “Premature Pursuit” is my own writing, have brought in a guest blogger (F. O’Trehy) to review it:

Thank you, Ms Santa.
Very Christmassy!
I especially liked the scene of the incremental insertion of the penis into the vagina. A metaphor for Chris Kringle cumming down the chimney?
Must be.
Of course, clearly, I searched for words in the text. Odd that the first three words I searched for had no matches found.

Impressive, but perhaps telling, that you managed to describe a sex scene using clitoris, vagina, nipples, vulva and cervix; but referred to the penis as “it”.
In fact, neither penis, cock, dick, johnson, pud, or zub appear anywhere in your current work of art.

As a man who strives for literary accomplishments, maybe I should be concerned.
But….after reading your good work, and writing this…..I have to go do something now.

So, Merry Christmas!

Premature Pursuit by Bettie Zyx

Premature Pursuit


I recommend as awesome! Seven years after a bitter breakup, the hero takes advantage of the first opportunity to get the object of his obsession under his command. The heroine, broken and rebuilt, jumps at the chance to go under his 2nd in command instead. Who happens to switch “command” with his superior. Yeah, she’s screwed. That part doesn’t bother her…losing her heart again…that’s not happening without a battle.

Undercover by Lauren Dane


Favorite Quote:
He heard Ash speak to Sera. “You play with fire, beautiful. Do you know what you look like there? Makes me crazy.”

“I’m just doing my job.” She’d even managed to inject a bit of sarcasm into her thoughts, and it made Brandt laugh.

Music that the pre-story reminded me of:

Nell Thorn

I recommend as entertaining…Tough, emotionally resilient heroine from a long line of military elites gets caught up in deadly politics when she unknowingly purchases a leader of her system’s enemies from slavery. As no good deed goes unpunished, she soon finds herself arrested, ensnared, bewitched, abandoned, rejected, accosted, and finally precariously beloved.

Nell Thorn by Sophie Angmering

Nell Thorn
Favorite quote:
“It couldn’t have been that good,” he observed with a sly smile.
Deep breaths, she told herself.
“It was perfectly adequate, thank you,” she replied in freezing accents.

Waiting for Dawn

I recommend as entertaining…a former sex slave tries to foist her merchandise onto a seasoned mercenary. Having somewhat the personality of a bulldog, he doesn’t let go. Several iterations of “I told you to stay” later, she admits defeat and heels. Plenty of crotch-sniffing and rutting for the reader’s inner bitch.

Waiting for Dawn by Lorie O’Clare

Waiting for Dawn
Favorite quote:
She took hold of his pants, tugging on them until the top button came free. “Now this is interesting,” she teased him, watching a dark glaze appear over his eyes. “Maybe you do want to be told what to do, if you want me to tell you what I want.”