Loving Deviant

I recommend as entertaining! 35-year-old virgin cyborg discovers that his deflowering-partner, a sexbot, is not so much a bot. More like the mail-order-bride of the station-master. So, the hero’s been blown to heaven and wants a lot more. The heroine’s desperate to get off the station before her “husband” sends her to the brothel and is willing to trade sex for it. (There is a difference..who keeps the money.) Anyhow, she takes the hero’s offer: an indefinite contract of sexual ownership (and no sharing). Now all they have to do is smuggle her back to the ship. Which is hard, very hard.

Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
She hesitated and his smile faded.
“Are you having a problem with your audio sensors?”

“Did I just get myself into worse trouble?”


Blink to Share

I recommend as entertaining (for the horror-inclined)! Computerized lenses that give everyone access to information on the people around them…including infidelity, seeing under their clothes, and sexual preferences…make for the kind of discomfort a psychic society would live in. Yes, these lenses can read your reaction to these words. First of all, you’re struggling through my sentence structure, and secondly are attempting to satisfy your curiosity as to whether the content and cover jibe to pique your interest. The hero/heroine’s express their dis-satisfaction with each other sexually and verbally, and it’s all made better once the lenses can be used to block out those bits of the other person that are not pleasing. Yay progress. Or is it arrested development. Whatever.

Blink to Share by Janus Bliss


On a Rogue Planet

I recommend as awesome! Heroine mechanic saves (and is saved) by an emotionally stunted cyborg hero. His filters damaged by fighting, the hero can’t help feeling…soothed, protective, obsessed, desperate, dangerous, curious, distracted, jealous, out-of-control, confused, hungry, humored, terrified, enamored, and committed…all over one mechano-phile. She’s more comfortable with machines whether non-living or enhancements, and he’s attracted to her in coveralls. Trying to do their jobs, they manage to hold out for 124 of 202 pages. Awkwardly.

On a Rogue Planet by Anna Hackett

On a Rogue Planet

Favorite Quote:
“Malin, I have to warn you.” He lifted his head. His green-gold eyes were intense. “Since I met you, I’ve spent considerable time accessing records on lovemaking.”

“I have a list. It has a lot of things on it.”

Music that the story reminded me of:

Waiting for Dawn

I recommend as entertaining…a former sex slave tries to foist her merchandise onto a seasoned mercenary. Having somewhat the personality of a bulldog, he doesn’t let go. Several iterations of “I told you to stay” later, she admits defeat and heels. Plenty of crotch-sniffing and rutting for the reader’s inner bitch.

Waiting for Dawn by Lorie O’Clare

Waiting for Dawn
Favorite quote:
She took hold of his pants, tugging on them until the top button came free. “Now this is interesting,” she teased him, watching a dark glaze appear over his eyes. “Maybe you do want to be told what to do, if you want me to tell you what I want.”

Kissing Steel

I recommend as entertaining. A repossession agent becomes the property of cyborgs during a failed recovery attempt. Recognizing a kindred soul in one of them, the most bitter one, she chooses to belong to him. A few struggles later, they find happiness after managing to irk just about everyone else.

Kissing Steel by Laurann Dohner

Kissing Steel
Favorite quote:
“Did you call me your little siren?” She lifted her head, staring down at Steel, not sure she’d heard him right.
His gorgeous eyes sparkled with amusement. “It is a term of endearment.”

Total Recall

In one fell swoop, this story has created and won (hands-down) the Official Bettie Zyx Award for the Most Awkward Sex Scene Ever! (Page 81) I recommend this story as enjoyable if you have a twisted sense of humor, otherwise it’s entertaining. Female human merchant finds herself caught up in a population of newly-aware cyborgs. Hilarity and not-a-few fights ensue as several male cyborgs get attached to the human female (and visa versa) while running from being “dismantled” by their creators.

Cyberevolution Book VI: Total Recall by Kaitlyn O’Connor

Cyberevolution Book VI: Total Recall
Favorite Quote:
“Oh, I wasn’t robbed. I came to rob you. I want my sexdroid back! Who’s got the keys to the cells?”
All four men stared at the pistol and then started laughing. “Girly! Do you even know how to shoot one of those?”
“I think I do,” Chloe said doubtfully. “You pull this thing, right?”

Music that the story reminded me of:

Taunting Krell

I recommend as enjoyable! Bitter and sexually undesirable (direct correlation), male cyborg finds himself in a shot-gun marriage to a human/cyborg female soldier. Thanks to the Florence Nightingale effect, she can’t stop herself from sexually harassing him, which makes him completely obsessed and a little crazy. No surprise there. Awesome action on all levels!

Taunting Krell by Laurann Dohner

Taunting Krell
Favorite Quotes:
“She licked her lips, knew she was playing with fire, and traced her hands upward to her waist, along the sides of her breasts, and paused there.”

“Worst-case scenario, he’d toss her over his shoulder, grab what he needed and take her off the planet if she refused to consider remaining with him.”