Codename Autumn

I recommend as enjoyable! Caught between a whip and a hard-nose, the heroine discovers her enemy is caring, attractive, and…not her enemy. The hero, in search of a spy to help overthrow their alien overlords, discovers his mate in the bleeding, bound woman left behind to face his wrath…of possessive sexual domination.

Codename Autumn by Cyndi Friberg


Favorite Quote:
“How long will I remain…yours?”

His fingers tangled in her hair and he leaned down, brushing his lips against her cheek as he asked, “Do you really want to know the answer to that question?”

“Probably not.”

Space Invaders

I recommend as entertaining! Heroine trips (chemically) with a rock. Which is an improvement over the ex in any capacity. The rock turns out not to be a rock, and the ex-before-the-ex (hero) turns out not to be quite dead. Just mostly dead. For which he must be punished. Oh, and bad aliens were stopped from invading the Earth. And most importantly, the heroine ends up with 3 breasts.

“Space Invaders” by Catherine Rose

Favorite Quote:
“…its spooky action at a distance caused by quantum
entanglement…so yeah anything is possible…” [Given that this line made it into the story, it wasn’t any surprise that the sex starts on the last 3 pgs. Naturally. -BZ]

Become a Space Slut in Thirteen Easy Steps

I recommend as entertaining! Heroine, being hunted by aliens that overthrew her father’s government on Earth, finds shelter with sympathetic aliens. Sympathetic=On condition of having sex. Recognizing that she’s an ignorant blunder away from assassination, a sex android sees a kindred program structure and trains her to be a high-class prostitute. Fortunately she’s got an advanced degree in inter-species diplomacy, so her skill set is perfect for the work. Makes you wonder about how the story would have gone with an accountant (as opposed to a programmer). But I digress. As does she and her half-brother. The hero.

Become a Space Slut in Thirteen Easy Steps by Lizette Lynne

Become a Space Slut in Thirteen Easy Steps

Favorite Quote:
“Vag is a given. Anal?”
She winced. “I’ve never. I mean, I’m curious, but …”
“Anal virgin,” he touched the screen and the option appeared in the box before she could argue. “Some clients really dig that. Don’t worry, we’ll be extremely selective. What about bondage games?”


I recommend as enjoyable! Law enforcement heroine goes undercover to dig up information on missing women from the intergalactic wrestling circuit…as a wrestler…against human/alien hybrids. Yeah, it’s like watching Kirk constantly getting his ass handed to him by a red/blue/green alien in Star Trek. The half beast-human hero would much prefer that she complete the circuit in his bed rather than in medical or awaiting medical clearance for another ass-whooping. Drives him nuts, really. Then he finds out she’s not who she says she is…and well, pre-spat sex and post-mission sex takes the edge off. Barely.

Rage (Galactic Cage Fighters) by K.D. Jones


Favorite Quote:
Then he got his hands on her. He elevated his hips and rotated her over, landing her on her back. He mounted her, pulling her arms up over her head and wedging his lower half against hers.
“Match over, Rachel,” his voice was thick with desire.

The Light Within Me

I recommend as enjoyable! Orange-alien-energy-hero tries to protect humanity from black-alien-energy-psychotics. While never thinking of dating in 20 or so decades of continuous hunting, the abstinent alien meets a human who makes him glow with a gentle caress and realizes: it’s time for intergalactic congress.

The Light Within Me by Carly Fall

The Light Within Me

Favorite quote:
She smiled at him tentatively.

“Come here, you,” he growled.