I recommend as enjoyable! The naive heroine and ape-man hero are drugged, forcing them to either endure intense pain or hold it off by having sex with each other. Despite all indications to the contrary, it turns out that this is the one time her luck with men doesn’t suck. It’s actually an ecstatic life saver. And a life-changer. You see, the drug’s intended target, the ape-man, decides she belongs to him.

The hero has a plan. First, he’s got to help her escape from the kidnapping ex-fiance. Second, he needs to move himself in with her like that’s perfectly normal. Ta da.

Smiley by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
“It’s the drug. Go ahead and pull my hair, tear my shirt and bite me all you want.”

Codename Autumn

I recommend as enjoyable! Caught between a whip and a hard-nose, the heroine discovers her enemy is caring, attractive, and…not her enemy. The hero, in search of a spy to help overthrow their alien overlords, discovers his mate in the bleeding, bound woman left behind to face his wrath…of possessive sexual domination.

Codename Autumn by Cyndi Friberg


Favorite Quote:
“How long will I remain…yours?”

His fingers tangled in her hair and he leaned down, brushing his lips against her cheek as he asked, “Do you really want to know the answer to that question?”

“Probably not.”

Driven: A Northern Waste Novel

I recommend as enjoyable! Justifiably paranoid heroine makes a series of bad judgements which ends up leaving her happy and fulfilled. It’s a terrible morality. As is pretty much every character except the ones you don’t get to meet. The hero is a technologically-enhanced-emotionally-stunted assassin sent to collect her, but who collects whom becomes debatable the minute they meet. Sex scenes are awkward and great as these two characters just plow through the pretenses.

Driven: A Northern Waste Novel by Eve Silver


Favorite Quote:
“Romance. Compliments. Gifts.” He gave an abrupt nod. “Understood.”

“Your eyes are appropriately spaced,” he whispered.

“Tomorrow, I will order you a set of titanium body armor.”

Almost All Book Links Need To Be Updated

While seeing close down was sad, *it’s been quite a staple in my life*, discovered that the good bye is going to be a lengthy one: 90 percent of my book links go to its *now former* website. *GROAN* And I had just updated all the Ellora’s Cave links to allromance when their authors vacated en masse *over-leveraged*. So for now, *dear followers*, if you are unable to find a particular book in this database, do not give up. 99 percent of these I have with no restriction on loaning. So consider this more of a library site than actual *link to* purchasing while this all gets worked out. Thank you *toodles!*

The Space Magnet’s Mistress

Oops, sorry. Magnet->Magnate. Anyhoo…
I recommend as enjoyable! Rich twit hero decides to seduce rescue the one woman who paid more attention to an indigent than she did to him. So he then proceeds to get her attached and can’t figure out why she takes off after being acknowledged as “a sweet cunt” that’s “no one special”. Like a typical player, he moves on to another lovely acquisition yet feels lonely and unsatisfied. Then he discovers she was kidnapped…

Stark Pleasure; the Space Magnate’s Mistress by Cathryn Cade

Stark Pleasure

Favorite Quote:
“Great God beyond, Logan.” Joran’s lazy voice was exasperated. “Get your head out of your ass.”


And while this certainly isn’t the character of the hero, couldn’t help thinking of this when reading about his associates.

Hell Squad – Marcus

Enjoyable free read! Hardened soldier fighting to hold back an alien invasion falls hard for the heroine, a translator working to decode the aliens’ communications. So naturally he handles it well when she has to go on their most dangerous mission…Where nothing goes as planned and some spanking occurs.

Hell Squad – Marcus by Anna Hackett


Favorite Quote:
She opened her mouth and he gripped the front of her armor and yanked her onto her toes. He pressed a quick kiss to her open mouth.
“I. Need. You. Safe,” he growled.

White Christmas (title has no relation to story -BZ)

I recommend as an enjoyable free read! Heroine leads crashed hero to shelter, saving him from getting eaten alive by hostile planet’s inhabitants until help arrives. The problem: they’ve got to hold off the inhabitants after being discovered. The solution: the inhabitants can’t stand lusty hormones. The problem with the solution: heroine thoroughly hates the hero for dumping her with nary a word goodbye. Fortunately for both, either everything’s not as it seems and/or he’s a convincing liar (anyone would be under the circumstances, really).

White Christmas by Ros Baxter

White Christmas

Favorite Quote:
“A temporary miracle,” Tabi reminded him. “If we don’t get out of here in a couple of hours, you’ll meet your maker.”

“Please try not to sound so disappointed,” he said, his beautiful mouth a wry line.



Music the story reminded me of: