The Sensate

I recommend as enjoyable! Hero takes the paranormal gift of empathy into zones that surpass fantasy worlds such as Darkover (Ridenows) and Star Trek (Betazoids). And for anyone who finds the…messiness…of human behavior to be disquieting, this read FEELS…amusingly uncomfortable. It’s 300+ pages of digging through the unacknowledged subcortical sexual stimuli (a.k.a. kinky desires) of normal-looking people. Ahem. Such as the blood-sucking fetish of the heroine. Perfectly normal. Apparently. On that note, I’m going to look through my smut library, shake my head, and be thankful Hani is merely a fictional character.

I Know How You Feel: The Sensate by Nicole Minsk

The Sensate

Favorite Quote:
“Oooo. Dirty girl. Is dirty what you like?”
This time, the pleasure came as a spasm.



Recommend as enjoyable! Author torments reviewer who can’t deal with arousal generated from forced seduction. Oh, never mind; that’s not the plot.

So heroine is trapped in psychopath central, and can’t figure out if the attraction she feels for hero-psycho is from Stockholm syndrome, nightingale effect, or sensing a genuine kindred spirit. Hero-psycho hates himself for keeping her trapped (but at least alive) and constantly teetering out of control in possessive infatuation. You get the picture. Rest of the series is an enjoyable read too, but of course the author killed off my favorite character. Bitch.

Monster by Julia Sykes
Angel by Julia Sykes


Favorite Quotes:
“I’m taking advantage of you, Claudia,” I snapped at her, determined to make her understand just how depraved I truly was. “And you’re letting me.”

What kind of relationship was based on the fact that one partner couldn’t escape another?
An abusive one, I admitted the truth to myself.

Music that the story reminded me of:

Alpha Bully

I recommend as enjoyable! Hero is mortified to realize that the helpless soul he tormented for years is his mate…Who doesn’t want him to touch her and is terrified of being anywhere around him. Fortunately she’s far more forgiving than yours truly, otherwise the old ash-and-sackcloth routine would never have worked. A very sweet brain-stem read! *requiring no thought*

Alpha Bully by Sam Crescent

Alpha Bully

Favorite Quote:
Jack looked through each picture. “She’s always close to you, and I know it’s not because she tried to either. I remember half of these pictures, and she did everything to stay away from us.”
Cruel to our mate.
Marshall rubbed his chest, wishing there was something he could do or say to himself that would take away this heartache, but there was nothing.

Music that the story reminded me of:

Natural Law

I recommend as enjoyable! The alpha hero, a bedroom beta, is hunting a murdering Dom. The heroine, who knows a strapping buck when she sees one, cuffs him to her instead…after tying him down and driving him over, so far over, the edge that if he wasn’t, the retribution…well, check out the last sex scene to see what he would do. Only when he gets shot by the perpetrator does he truly learn who owns his mind, body, and soul.

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill

Natural Law

Favorite Quote:
She wasn’t fooled by his charm. Something dangerous was brewing around that one. There was a misconception, sometimes even among new staff, that male subs were shy, non-aggressive wimps who wanted a woman to beat on them. The high-powered ones could be as possessive as any alpha Dom, and though she thought his story would likely check out, he was too focused on little Violet. Green or not, she’d caught his attention.
“Good for you, girl,” Mariah murmured. “He’s going to be a handful and a half.”

For some extra fun, go to page 166 and listen to this song

Sinful Breeding Lessons: Bred by Her Pastor

Awesome…for anyone experienced in hypocritical church leadership. So with that caveat, allow me to drag you into my warped sense of humor and what makes this story truly inspired! Anyone remember that AWKWARD moment when Robertson and Watts dragged their ISSUES with sex out within the context of religion relieving the faithful of pornographic addictions? Look (watch youtube clip below) at how Robertson is just loving this moment as Watts squirms uncomfortably and how the topic won’t be released until he’s satisfied and how delightful and detailed he goes into the sin of pornographic…addiction.

So as you watch that, read the following quotes from “Bred by Her Paster” and…(there’s the facial expression I was looking for! Hahahhahahhahahhahhahahha!)

Sinful Breeding Lessons: Bred by Her Pastor by Arthur T Mitchell

Bred by Her Pastor

She squeaked in surprise when the Pastor’s lips hit hers.

“That aching magnetism you feel between your thighs, crackling across each cell? That’s what the Lord provides to draw you into me, to bring your precious womb to my seed.”

“Yes, Pastor. I would love to take your lessons. What do I need to do?”

“Do you know, Susie, what these are really for?” His hands shot out, landing on her breasts.

“Lord, please bless me with your power to minister to her properly. None of this can happen without your all seeing will, filling breast and bone with vital strength, just as you desire…”

On the wall across from the wide bed, another huge cross glowed in the dim light, just like the one in his office.

“Tonight, your twenty years of chastity are going to end. I won’t be gentle and I won’t use condoms, sweet Susie. Tonight is your first lesson in breeding, our holiest duty. ”

The leather belt he held cracked in the air. He quickly made a loop and slid it over her wrists.

She watched in amazement as a thin trickle of clear liquid spilled out the little hole in the top [of his penis].

“My body’s oil,” he explained. “Let this christen you and fuel your fire. Prepare a place inside you for me, girl. Prepare to receive my seed from this scepter, just as God has planned.”

“This is God’s will.”

“Thank you, Pastor. I’ll take this – and every gift – with nothing but my deepest gratitude.”

Lord of Scoundrels

Totally AWESOME!!! Utterly debauched hero punishes the heroine who shot him (he earned it) by…marrying her, of course. A battle of wills begun over her brother cascades into art restoration (he wants the painting), dance cards (destroyed and deposited into a potted plant), lawyers (“exclusive ownership and breeding rights”), seduction (she’s the aggressor), bastard child (his, terrorizing the village…no surprise there), and ultimately, his heart (a month of blind obedience following a spat causes him to panic). Fortunately, the heroine refuses to allow him to make her miserable, and he decides his wife gets her own category under the subject of females.

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Lord of Scoundrels

Favorite quote:
Dain gazed down in profound puzzlement. He saw a flimsy wisp of a female attempting, apparently, to do him injury with a bit of millinery.

Lord Dain’s fingers began to itch, and a snake of heat stirred and writhed in the pit of his belly.
The tickling bonnet became an irritation.