Blink to Share

I recommend as entertaining (for the horror-inclined)! Computerized lenses that give everyone access to information on the people around them…including infidelity, seeing under their clothes, and sexual preferences…make for the kind of discomfort a psychic society would live in. Yes, these lenses can read your reaction to these words. First of all, you’re struggling through my sentence structure, and secondly are attempting to satisfy your curiosity as to whether the content and cover jibe to pique your interest. The hero/heroine’s express their dis-satisfaction with each other sexually and verbally, and it’s all made better once the lenses can be used to block out those bits of the other person that are not pleasing. Yay progress. Or is it arrested development. Whatever.

Blink to Share by Janus Bliss


Space Invaders

I recommend as entertaining! Heroine trips (chemically) with a rock. Which is an improvement over the ex in any capacity. The rock turns out not to be a rock, and the ex-before-the-ex (hero) turns out not to be quite dead. Just mostly dead. For which he must be punished. Oh, and bad aliens were stopped from invading the Earth. And most importantly, the heroine ends up with 3 breasts.

“Space Invaders” by Catherine Rose

Favorite Quote:
“…its spooky action at a distance caused by quantum
entanglement…so yeah anything is possible…” [Given that this line made it into the story, it wasn’t any surprise that the sex starts on the last 3 pgs. Naturally. -BZ]

Freedom in the Sky

I recommend as enjoyable/entertaining! An honest title would be, “Gynophile’s Adventures in Polygyny” or “XXXXXY Teenage Fantasy”. Heroine, paying off family debts with a lifetime indentured companion contract (to wit, sex slave with a no-death-or-dismemberment clause) is gifted to a green space merchant…Who comes from a long line of reprobates. Despite the glitz and excitement, space travel is actually super boring, so he proceeds to make her kinks his down-time study. This happens to include the zaftig Zeena-like warrior they rescue during their travels who, of course, is a sexual submissive. So, put your spacecraft on autopilot, pull on some leather, and toss a vibrator into the cage. It’s time to play…

“Freedom in the Sky” by Jaylee Coglin

Favorite Quote:
He clapped his hands, a sign she’d discovered meant he was about to take off in some new direction with appalling amounts of energy.

Holoxdeck Adventures

I recommend as entertaining!

VIRTUAL SEX is the latest threat to mankind, because it’s waaaay better than the real thing. But there’s one small, intangible problem with those glorious explosions of the orgasmic kind: that whole lack of any emotional contact. Which kind of drives the hero and his fellow programmers crazy in a special way. And by special crazy, I mean bunny-ears crazy. This is the kind of crazy that can only express itself by disturbing the adorable, subverting the bliss of happy memories, and throwing a blanket of insecurity across a stalwart safety symbol from childhood: this is the cray-cray that distorts reality and spreads like a mental version of the flu.

So sit back, get a nice glass of some hard alcohol, and prepare to fly your spaceship into the Interplanetary Twilight Zone.

Holoxdeck Adventures by Chris D. Transit



Music the story reminded me of:

The Branches of Time

I recommend as entertaining! FIRST romance/erotica book that I’ve come across without a hero or heroine. Lets see…husband goes psycho, wife goes lesbo, king is all rapey, and his wives…unsurprisingly pathetic when not murderous. And then there are the magical people whose antics are about as crazy as the main wizard pulled out of the torture chamber after 20 years. (*They’re NUTS*) So for those of you who’ve always wondered what putting the inmates in charge of the institution looks like (besides D.C.), ENJOY!

The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi

Favorite Quote:
He wished he could help him instead of manipulating him into murdering another person.


I recommend as entertaining…for the adventurous from vanilla. Dystopian heroine of the future, spellbound by her home’s unique history, follows a previous owner’s profession and finds fulfillment in punishing the lousy boyfriend (and men in general–big surprise). Got a troublesome coworker that needs to be brought to heel? Here’s the vicarious read for you!

Pandora by Slave Nano


Favorite quote:
Pandora smiled. Fates, my arse, she thought to herself. Oh well, that’s one slave out of the way for a bit and just in time to prepare for my next appointment.