Ashley Madison


The Ashley Madison database could present an unusual opportunity to look into the human brain. But that’s not exactly what this page is about. As is becoming increasingly apparent, these magnificent insights of hypocrisy, cluelessness, loneliness, and plain weirdness are only now being read by human eyes. The hacker revealed a scam of breathtaking magnitude. If you enjoy my favorite quotes below, acknowledge that they were obtained from the hacker (*nerds!*) community, and please donate to any of the following legal defense funds:

Accused–In the past innocent people have been accused and vindicated after financial (and personal) ruin

  • Christopher Wayne Cooper, 23, aka “Anthrophobic;”
  • Joshua John Covelli, 26, aka “Absolem” and “Toxic;”
  • Keith Wilson Downey, 26
  • Mercedes Renee Haefer, 20, aka “No” and “MMMM;”
  • Donald Husband, 29, aka “Ananon;”
  • Vincent Charles Kershaw, 27, aka “Trivette,” “Triv” and “Reaper;”
  • Ethan Miles, 33;
  • James C. Murphy, 36;
  • Drew Alan Phillips, 26, aka “Drew010;”
  • Jeffrey Puglisi, 28, aka “Jeffer,” “Jefferp” and “Ji;”
  • Daniel Sullivan, 22
  • Tracy Ann Valenzuela, 42
  • Christopher Quang Vo, 22
  • Scott Matthew Arciszewski, 21
  • Lance Moore, 21

Favorite Quotes (Updated Daily)

“What’s the worst that could happen.”

“As for consideration and respect I will say only that it is my belief that ‘what goes around comes around’.”

“Im looking for a realy sexy woman who would like to play with fire.”

“I value honesty, consideration, and respect in a relationship.”

“Help Needed! … Are you able?”

I am a very successful yet different [job with wealth] looking for some spice and an opportunity to meet some interesting people that I would probably not normally meet.”

“I – like you am in a relationship… but unsatisfied in the sex department”

“Discreet incounters…”

“Daytimes or evenings are available during the week”

“i need more…”

“I’ve been married for the past 10 years and still looking for that erotic fling.”

“wanting to be wanted”

“A Friend more than anything”

You’re going to need one [a good sense of humor]

“Want someone who pays attension”

“just checking things out”

“happily married looking to fore fill your fantsy”

“carpe diem”

“Looking for love in the right place!”

“hot couple looking for that special rainy day visitor”

“Can you say p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e?”

“Need to Snowball”

“Imagine this is a deja vu”

“In this ‘relationship’ you will be 100% selfish.”

“You will have exceptionally high standards of hygiene”

“An assertive women who knows how to take control of the ‘physical’ pleasures and doesn’t wait for gold leaf invitation to begin the little pleasures of life”

“Fun sexy confident and ready for action…no baggage please… .”

“I don’t think just an act is enough of an attraction for anyone, and certainly not me”

“I am teachable”

“Just want to live out some fantasies and share desires with someone who understands how it feels to be emotionally trapped.”

“Am not interested in ending my marriage (yet).”

“Prefer the thrill of forbidden pleasure.”

“I dont have a specific age group or anything like that… I actually kinda like them older… but I wont fuss about it…”


The ethics of outing anyone based on sexual preferences tends to fall into categories:

  1. Those hurt by hypocritical leadership have the opportunity to refute their claims of superiority
  2. Those hurt by betrayed trust
  3. Those engaged in private acts hurting no-one may suffer retaliation from those who react against the idea of the sexual preference

In general, though some fatalities will occur (FYI research shows that suicide is a selfish act), the delay between the hack and the data release was sufficient for most to soften the initial impact of the damaging effects.  While the hackers did steal the data, it appears that Ashley-Madison was engaged in criminal activity. The potential for overall good cannot be discounted. Many bad leaders who divide their constituencies are also hypocrites. Betrayal of trust cannot be fixed, and those betrayed often feel isolated. Finally, it wasn’t so long ago that other sexual preferences were cause for harassment even though no one was harmed; the people involved in those cases are the only ones truly wronged in the outing. I hope that with everyone’s eyes being opened, then this may be the beginning of a new dimension to sexual mores.