Sci-Fi Erotica Reviews, despite its name, has a few guidelines in real space:

(1) If Bettie didn’t like the story, Bettie doesn’t review the story. So on some level every story in here managed to avoid being repulsive, confusing, disjointed, poorly written, and nauseous. That’s not to say that they don’t have elements of being thoroughly irritating, indicative of therapy, or astonishingly unrealistic. One’s questionable sense of humor does need fertilizer.

(2) Bettie’s pet peeve is eroticizing rape myths. Some stories manage to skirt this boundary, because one can imagine alien or mythical cultures becoming confused by conflicting input if they are endowed with some form of extrasensory perception. Any of the above scenarios that have enough information about human culture to know better are nixed. Prison stories, naturally, have other issues such that a so-called “forced seduction” becomes the best case scenario and can pass.


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  1. Hi there – I’d love to send you a copy of my new release, A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Bebe Balocca, for review. It’s my fourth book published by Total-E-Bound and my fifth total to date, with more coming soon. Please let me know if you’d like me to do so and, if so, where I should send it. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi there … would you be willing to review a free copy of my recent scifi erotica release? πŸ™‚ What format do you prefe to receive the files in? (I saw your post agreeing to someone else’s submission, but I didn’t want to assume and just send you something without asking first!)

    • Hi Mira! Would love to review it! Here are a few things I tell authors:
      Here are the guidelines I use when reviewing: (a) the reviews are humor-based, (b) if my sense of humor doesn’t engage, then I can’t write a review, (c) I don’t write negative reviews, (d) it takes me about a week to read and reflect on a story (will need two right now), and (e) if you don’t like my review (i.e. sense of humor), you will be given the opportunity to censor it.
      Any questions?

  3. Hi, I am hoping that you might want to review my novel War of the Worlds 2030. It is a, (take a deep breath) dark, military, science fiction, romance, erotica.

    The blurb for it is:

    I am Doctor Richard Green. The Darmuks came across the stars pretending friendship. Humanity flocked to them. Ashley, Zane and I struggled to understand the technology they offered.
    Now war rages, Man against mutant beasts. Worse, the Darmuks have taken Ashley, made her a modem for their biological computer. Their mistake! I can defeat their science, and give my species a chance, but to do it Zane and I must join Ashley. Sacrifice all we are and hope it will be enough.

    The book is a homage to the H.G. Wells classic playing with some of the same concepts while not copying that definitive work.

    I will warn you, there is a rape scene that shows the act for the disgusting violation of another that it is. It is not erotic or pretty just necessary for painting my villains as what they are.

    I currently have 6 novels published through 4 separate publishers. If you are interested in reviewing War of the Worlds 2030 please drop me a line indicating you’re preferred formats and I’ll send you an e-copy.

    Stephen B. Pearl

    • Hi Stephen, You had me until the rape scene. You are by no means the first, and it is an issue that I am self-censoring on until a psychologist takes a measure of the effect of such graphic details in literature. If you and your publisher can find comfort in a N-R (no rape) version, I’ll happily review that. -B

  4. Hello, Bettie!
    I am new to the sci-fi erotica genre and just recently self-published my first book on Amazon. It is of the dinosaur erotica sub-genre, so there is beast sex. However, I do think it passes the criteria you mention above, as there are no scenes of violence or non-consensual sex. The ambiguity of whether or not animals can consent is a major theme of the book, in fact. In this case, the dinosaur in genetically engineered to have a higher intelligence. There’s actually a surprising amount of romance in the story. It is called “Prehistoric Passion from Mars,” and runs about 6670 words. If you have time, I’d love for you to review it. Let me know the format you prefer and where to send it. I will include a jpeg of the cover art, as I did the illustration myself.
    Thank you!
    -R. K. Galaga

  5. Hi Bettie–

    I work at Circlet Press, which specializes in SF erotica. I’d love to send you a bunch of our recent books, but I don’t want to swamp you. We have a wide range of stuff–novels, short story anthologies, lots of different orientations and kinks. Here’s a couple links to books you might be interested in:
    Let me know what you might enjoy…and did I see that PDF is your preferred format?

    • Hi Vinnie!
      Yes, PDF is preferred. I’ll go through these and your catalog and let you know which looks like the most fun! Am currently reading four other stories, so give me a few weeks to catch up.

  6. Hey Bettie,

    This is Cocoa, I’m the author of many short erotic works of fiction, and I’ve recently released my first full length novel: Splice – Conditioning (an Erotic Sci-Fi Dystopian fiction – erotic themes include bisexual, straight, and gay relations within a werewolf / weredog context)

    I was wondering if you or your staff were would enjoy reviewing it? I have a reviewer ePub available if you’r interested.

    WordPress should record my E-mail, but I’ll monitor this thread as well.



    • Hi Cocoa!
      Would be happy to give it a read and see what my muse comes up with. B/c my day job is busier than usual, work on this is slow so I’ll apologize for that right now. The queue is currently (1) Janus’ story (blink) (2) bionic lover and (3) one of Vinnie’s stories (circlet press). So you’ll be #4.

      • Wonderful! πŸ™‚ Whenever you like, drop me an E-mail (should be visible to you as a WordPress admin) and I’ll send over the review ePub.

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