Phantom Warriors: TALON

I recommend as entertaining! Hero alien-condor-shifter hunting for a mate spots a condor expert working out in the field. Fortunately he has pheromones capable of turning her into an idiot long enough to change her DNA; otherwise, she would have called in the park rangers to haul his creepily-knowledgeable-hot-rocking-ass off to jail. Particularly enjoyed the completely impractical sex-in-the-woods scenes, not to mention the show they put on for the inevitable audience on the canyon rim watching (there’s always someone watching the action below).

Talon by Jordan Summers


Favorite quote:
“I can help you, but I must get closer to do so,” he said patiently.

She screamed. “I don’t care what you have to do. Fix it! Fix it now!”


Abducting Abby

I recommend as entertaining!

Quick quiz, dear readers. Which is the hero and the villain?

Guy Behind Door A: “Abby let out a squeal as she was flipped over the long, hard body of the male”
“Abby cried out, startled, and tried to pull away.”
“whether she realized it or not, she was his.”
“He knew she wanted to escape, but he had no desire to let her leave his sight.”
“Please don’t hurt me.” Abby whispered hoarsely.
“Ow! You’re hurting me,” Abby said, struggling to get free.
Abby tried to push him away
Gripping her neck in his large hand, he brought his lips down on hers, crushing her in his arms as he tried to gain control of his jealousy.
“What is your problem?” Abby demanded.
he would do whatever was necessary to stop her, even if it meant tying her up or locking her away until she realized she belonged to him. He would never let her go.
“Mine,” he growled as Abby tried to push him away.
Holding her close, he knew he would never let her go.
Guy Behind Door E: “Seriously. Let me go.”
“I know everything about you, Abby.”
“please let go of me. You’re scaring me,” Abby said as she tried to get her hands between them.
Abby began to struggle a little,
She couldn’t move her head because of the grip he had on her hair.
She cried out in pain as he jerked her head to one side, pressing a biting kiss to her neck.
“You are mine, and I keep what is mine,”
“he knew she was going to be his.”
“He wanted her to know she belonged to him.”

Yeah, tell me the heroine isn’t screwed. So the isolated, sweet-hearted human-heroine saves the hero who is a total trouble-magnet (hence why he needed saving in the first place.) As no good deed goes unpunished, he alters her DNA and takes her back home…to orders of magnitude more trouble. Ah, well, love makes normally rational people stupid; she’ll wake up when she learns that her daughter’s in an arranged marriage with a mercenary prince several star systems over.

Abducting Abby by S.E. Smith