I recommend as enjoyable! What do you do when your unrequited lust finds himself naked outside of your quarters?

The hero claims to have no memory of how he got there, but is conveniently unconcerned about getting a medical checkup. The heroine is properly discombobulated by the hero’s mixed signals, and on becoming trapped with him, lets him know the extent to which he’s disregarded. He decides getting laid regularly is worth some well-earned abuse…even including reality programs.

“Magnetism” by Kim Knox

Favorite quotes (various fuck buddy references):
Mr. Box
Ms. Overenthusiastic Biter
Mr. Bombard You With Messages
Ms. Multiple Scratches
Mr. Hang about the Hangar
Ms. Strange Pattern of Bruising



This story has hands’ down won the Bettie Zyx Award for Nerdiest Erotica!

I recommend as enjoyable! Heroine demonstrates that no amount of intelligence can undermine the urge to be stupid. Hero’s an asshole with apparently the correct pheromone makeup and testosterone expression to get away with it. Damn you, biochem! At least, that’s what she’ll probably be saying in two months time. Three max.

“Biochemistry” by Martine Albert

Favorite quotes:
“We’re out of Taq polymerase.” [First line and hook. Reeled me right in. -BZ]

“I waved and went back to the J-Bact paper, finding consolation in ATP binding sites and antibiotic resistance.”

“…removed my pants as confidently as if he were unsandwiching a Western blot.”



Music the story reminded me of: