Holoxdeck Adventures

I recommend as entertaining!

VIRTUAL SEX is the latest threat to mankind, because it’s waaaay better than the real thing. But there’s one small, intangible problem with those glorious explosions of the orgasmic kind: that whole lack of any emotional contact. Which kind of drives the hero and his fellow programmers crazy in a special way. And by special crazy, I mean bunny-ears crazy. This is the kind of crazy that can only express itself by disturbing the adorable, subverting the bliss of happy memories, and throwing a blanket of insecurity across a stalwart safety symbol from childhood: this is the cray-cray that distorts reality and spreads like a mental version of the flu.

So sit back, get a nice glass of some hard alcohol, and prepare to fly your spaceship into the Interplanetary Twilight Zone.

Holoxdeck Adventures by Chris D. Transit



Music the story reminded me of:


The Branches of Time

I recommend as entertaining! FIRST romance/erotica book that I’ve come across without a hero or heroine. Lets see…husband goes psycho, wife goes lesbo, king is all rapey, and his wives…unsurprisingly pathetic when not murderous. And then there are the magical people whose antics are about as crazy as the main wizard pulled out of the torture chamber after 20 years. (*They’re NUTS*) So for those of you who’ve always wondered what putting the inmates in charge of the institution looks like (besides D.C.), ENJOY!

The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi

Favorite Quote:
He wished he could help him instead of manipulating him into murdering another person.