The Sensate

I recommend as enjoyable! Hero takes the paranormal gift of empathy into zones that surpass fantasy worlds such as Darkover (Ridenows) and Star Trek (Betazoids). And for anyone who finds the…messiness…of human behavior to be disquieting, this read FEELS…amusingly uncomfortable. It’s 300+ pages of digging through the unacknowledged subcortical sexual stimuli (a.k.a. kinky desires) of normal-looking people. Ahem. Such as the blood-sucking fetish of the heroine. Perfectly normal. Apparently. On that note, I’m going to look through my smut library, shake my head, and be thankful Hani is merely a fictional character.

I Know How You Feel: The Sensate by Nicole Minsk

The Sensate

Favorite Quote:
“Oooo. Dirty girl. Is dirty what you like?”
This time, the pleasure came as a spasm.


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