Recommend as enjoyable! Author torments reviewer who can’t deal with arousal generated from forced seduction. Oh, never mind; that’s not the plot.

So heroine is trapped in psychopath central, and can’t figure out if the attraction she feels for hero-psycho is from Stockholm syndrome, nightingale effect, or sensing a genuine kindred spirit. Hero-psycho hates himself for keeping her trapped (but at least alive) and constantly teetering out of control in possessive infatuation. You get the picture. Rest of the series is an enjoyable read too, but of course the author killed off my favorite character. Bitch.

Monster by Julia Sykes
Angel by Julia Sykes


Favorite Quotes:
“I’m taking advantage of you, Claudia,” I snapped at her, determined to make her understand just how depraved I truly was. “And you’re letting me.”

What kind of relationship was based on the fact that one partner couldn’t escape another?
An abusive one, I admitted the truth to myself.

Music that the story reminded me of:

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