Time Bangers

I recommend as awesome! You know you’re in for something completely different when (a) the title includes a pun and (b) the table of contents consists of the sex scenes. So without further ado, picture a hot experimentalist on the autism spectrum deciding its a good idea to go back to Tudor England to get laid. Really. Picture it. Fortunately her best friend has an ounce of common sense.

1530-something: Two h’roines geteth their kicks in space and timeth barely checking at the execition’rs axe when caught practicing “witchcraft” (a. k. a. mod’rn technology).

One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor (TimeBangers Book 1) by Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague

Time Bangers

Favorite Quotes:
# And it gets better from there -BZ

“Yea, verily. This night our milkshake shall bring all the lads to the sward.”


Music the story reminded me of:

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