Sacrificed to the Dragon

I recommend as enjoyable! Heroine, desperate to save her brother, volunteers for the frequently fatal job of becoming a surrogate dragon-mom. While that is hard enough, it comes with an additional hefty cost: the hero.

Having lost his mom to murderous humans, impregnating one…no matter how much his dragon adores her…isn’t going to happen without her knowing EXACTLY how he feels about it. When she writes him off, his dragon does not take it well. Rather poorly in fact. As in ready-to-go-berserk poorly if he doesn’t fix what he went out of his way to break. Which requires make-up sex. And healing sex. And okay-I-give-up-you’ve-got-me sex. Men.

Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan

Sacrificed to the Dragon

Favorite Quote:
He turned to go into the living room but found the little boy standing in his way.

“Be nice to Auntil Mel and don’t make her cry.”

Tristan’s dragon growled at the thought of Melanie crying.

Tristan nodded. “Right. Then let me pass.”



Music the story reminded me of: