On a Rogue Planet

I recommend as awesome! Heroine mechanic saves (and is saved) by an emotionally stunted cyborg hero. His filters damaged by fighting, the hero can’t help feeling…soothed, protective, obsessed, desperate, dangerous, curious, distracted, jealous, out-of-control, confused, hungry, humored, terrified, enamored, and committed…all over one mechano-phile. She’s more comfortable with machines whether non-living or enhancements, and he’s attracted to her in coveralls. Trying to do their jobs, they manage to hold out for 124 of 202 pages. Awkwardly.

On a Rogue Planet by Anna Hackett

On a Rogue Planet

Favorite Quote:
“Malin, I have to warn you.” He lifted his head. His green-gold eyes were intense. “Since I met you, I’ve spent considerable time accessing records on lovemaking.”

“I have a list. It has a lot of things on it.”

Music that the story reminded me of:

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