White Christmas (title has no relation to story -BZ)

I recommend as an enjoyable free read! Heroine leads crashed hero to shelter, saving him from getting eaten alive by hostile planet’s inhabitants until help arrives. The problem: they’ve got to hold off the inhabitants after being discovered. The solution: the inhabitants can’t stand lusty hormones. The problem with the solution: heroine thoroughly hates the hero for dumping her with nary a word goodbye. Fortunately for both, either everything’s not as it seems and/or he’s a convincing liar (anyone would be under the circumstances, really).

White Christmas by Ros Baxter

White Christmas

Favorite Quote:
“A temporary miracle,” Tabi reminded him. “If we don’t get out of here in a couple of hours, you’ll meet your maker.”

“Please try not to sound so disappointed,” he said, his beautiful mouth a wry line.



Music the story reminded me of:

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