Fixing a Toilet Ballcock Assembly

I recommend as awesome! The hero, in pursuit of a sturdy ballcock, has to decide between two competitors for his toilet assembly. His main requirement is that the shank fits his stuff well. Then he walks the reader through the steps as to how to perform the activity:
1) The valve starts in the off position
2) Have a working O-ring
3) Check to see if the ballcock is sealed
4) Look for where the pipe should enter
5) Use penetrating oil
6) Avoid damage
7) Insert the ballcock and make sure it’s watertight against the hole
8) Reinstall into the overflow tube (as many times as necessary for a good coupling)
9) Turn the water on and check the ball for rubbing against the back of the tank

Fixing a Toilet Ballcock Assembly by

Fixing a Toilet Ballcock Assembly

Favorite Quote:
The ballcock assembly looks more complicated than it really is.


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