Natural Law

I recommend as enjoyable! The alpha hero, a bedroom beta, is hunting a murdering Dom. The heroine, who knows a strapping buck when she sees one, cuffs him to her instead…after tying him down and driving him over, so far over, the edge that if he wasn’t, the retribution…well, check out the last sex scene to see what he would do. Only when he gets shot by the perpetrator does he truly learn who owns his mind, body, and soul.

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill

Natural Law

Favorite Quote:
She wasn’t fooled by his charm. Something dangerous was brewing around that one. There was a misconception, sometimes even among new staff, that male subs were shy, non-aggressive wimps who wanted a woman to beat on them. The high-powered ones could be as possessive as any alpha Dom, and though she thought his story would likely check out, he was too focused on little Violet. Green or not, she’d caught his attention.
“Good for you, girl,” Mariah murmured. “He’s going to be a handful and a half.”

For some extra fun, go to page 166 and listen to this song

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