Lord of Scoundrels

Totally AWESOME!!! Utterly debauched hero punishes the heroine who shot him (he earned it) by…marrying her, of course. A battle of wills begun over her brother cascades into art restoration (he wants the painting), dance cards (destroyed and deposited into a potted plant), lawyers (“exclusive ownership and breeding rights”), seduction (she’s the aggressor), bastard child (his, terrorizing the village…no surprise there), and ultimately, his heart (a month of blind obedience following a spat causes him to panic). Fortunately, the heroine refuses to allow him to make her miserable, and he decides his wife gets her own category under the subject of females.

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Lord of Scoundrels

Favorite quote:
Dain gazed down in profound puzzlement. He saw a flimsy wisp of a female attempting, apparently, to do him injury with a bit of millinery.

Lord Dain’s fingers began to itch, and a snake of heat stirred and writhed in the pit of his belly.
The tickling bonnet became an irritation.

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