Premature Pursuit

As “Premature Pursuit” is my own writing, have brought in a guest blogger (F. O’Trehy) to review it:

Thank you, Ms Santa.
Very Christmassy!
I especially liked the scene of the incremental insertion of the penis into the vagina. A metaphor for Chris Kringle cumming down the chimney?
Must be.
Of course, clearly, I searched for words in the text. Odd that the first three words I searched for had no matches found.

Impressive, but perhaps telling, that you managed to describe a sex scene using clitoris, vagina, nipples, vulva and cervix; but referred to the penis as “it”.
In fact, neither penis, cock, dick, johnson, pud, or zub appear anywhere in your current work of art.

As a man who strives for literary accomplishments, maybe I should be concerned.
But….after reading your good work, and writing this…..I have to go do something now.

So, Merry Christmas!

Premature Pursuit by Bettie Zyx

Premature Pursuit

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