I recommend as enjoyable! Gullible heroine defends the helpless and, as no good deed goes unpunished, becomes a guinea pig (not literally) to save the man-wolf she loves. Once captured, her handler wants her dead, and everyone else could care less what the truth is…even if it kicked them in the testicles. Said wolf-man hates her, wants her, thinks she’s a psychotic liar, wants her, can’t believe her, wants her, hides her, wants her…well, men are kind of stupid that way, no matter what species. In the end, she’s a saint, and he’s hump-rrr-ifically-happy.

True by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
“They work for us, deal with the humans.”

“I don’t want them near her. They didn’t believe what she said, but I do.”

“He is highly attracted to her,” Book whispered. “Look at how tense he is and the protective stance. Don’t get too close to her again, Darkness.”

True growled, turning his head to shoot the male a dirty look. “This isn’t about attraction. It’s about a debt. I owe her enough to prove her innocence. She can’t do that from Fuller.”

Book lifted his hands, palms out. “She smells good. I totally understand the desire to just take her home with you. I’ve been there myself. She is out cold, so easy to just pick up and walk off with, and you probably imagine she’ll wake happy to be naked in your bed.”


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