The Colonist’s Wife

I recommend as enjoyable! Nothing like a couple of damaged, brutally honest people finding the beauty in the remainder of the other person. A D.A. that’s out of his mind and a retired military chief trying to do his alcoholic brother-in-arms a favor organically combine their separate ideas into what should be an unmitigated disaster. Fortunately the heroine wants to get laid and the hero…well…is a man…(They’re kind of simple that way.)

Colonist’s Wife by Kylie Scott

Colonist's Wife

Favorite Quote:
“You haven’t accepted my apology yet,” he helpfully pointed out.

“I don’t feel like forgiving you yet.”

He held back his smile of victory. She didn’t feel like forgiving him yet. “Yet” being the key word, thank fuck.


Prehistoric Passion from Mars

I recommend as entertaining from the “Ow, I think that just bent my brain” point of view. Ethically nauseating Martians entertain themselves with awkward couplings of the zoophilia variety…this led to the uncomfortable realization that all human-alien erotica could be logically classified as zoophilia. Humans and Chimps are 99% similar after all. Thanks, Galaga. You owe me a drink.

Prehistoric Passion from Mars (Dinosaur Erotica) by R.K. Galaga

Prehistoric Passion from Mars


Not that it has to do with anything, BUT…