I recommend as enjoyable! Heroine, convinced she’s still dead, decides she’s not going to hell before seducing the feline-human angel looking down at her. The part-animal hero, having restarted her heart, loses his to her aggressive demands for a kiss and a fuck (denied, not that they didn’t try). He’s addicted, but she’s given up on commitments. So, there’s only one thing he can think of doing to keep her permanently locked down.

Tiger by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
“She isn’t with a male. I thought she might want one.”
“Yes. She is.” Tiger’s voice deepened. “She’s mine.”
“Your scent isn’t on her.”
“My mark is.”
“How did you lure her into being yours?”

4 thoughts on “Tiger

    • Tiger was so romantic while also acknowledging the horror of this-is-how-the-other-guys-got-sucked-down. Will probably rewrite this post in a few months when a good joke about it bubbles out of the hindbrain. I think the next one in the series that will come up is True.

      • I can relate to Tiger. One reason why he was my favorite. Valliant was humorous to me and in a book, that goes a long way. Obsidian I think is my third favorite for the same reasons. Keep ’em coming! I’m a stalker now. I’ll be back to see what you say about others.

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