I recommend as enjoyable! The moral of the story is: if your brother gets involved with werewolves, just shoot him and save everybody a lot of trouble, yourself particularly. Heroine, with moronic brother turned werewolf, gets sucked into his world after he’s hunted down and killed for knowing the wrong people…a total non-shocker to his sister. Used to feeling attracted to assholes, her response to one of the leaders of the pack should have been the warning flare going off that it was time to run. In the end, the asshole turned out to be a jerk, and her brother led her to bust a biowarfare scheme.

Enforcer by Lauren Dane

Favorite quote:
“I can feel it too. Only it doesn’t hurt, really. I just feel incredibly connected to you. And wow, you’re not happy with me at all are you?”
“You’re altering my DNA?”

Music that the story reminded me of:

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