Vexing Voss

I recommend as enjoyable! Psychically shielded heroine, with a flair for repulsion, is hunted by variously hungry aliens. The one that wants to collar her wins…and catches the effluvia. Group human/alien vomiting has never been more flirtatious.

Vexing Voss by Gail Koger

Vexing Voss
Favorite quote:
If the warlord wasn’t here, I’d give Ted a good mental shove down the stairs. I went into the bathroom and pulled out my makeup. Time to ugly myself up.


Cosmic Tentacles: A Love Story

For unknown reasons, the sale of this book has been restricted. The copy I purchased had no loan restrictions placed on it, so if you are very curious to read it, contact me and we can work out a temporary loan. -BZ

I recommend as entertaining: Ever been so horny you really want to feel “full”? Really really full? Really really really full? Well this gentacle-filled story was written for you! Human hero-turned-Yivo[1] satisfies his sweetie pie as only a tentacle-sprouting mutant can: simultaneously filling, stimulating, and ejaculating in and on every orifice and erogenous zone known to humans…for as long as she stays that way.

Cosmic Tentacles: A Love Story by Heather Massey

Cosmic Tentacles
Favorite quote:
This isn’t normal.

1. “Beast of a Billion Backs” Futurama

Crossbred Son

I recommend as entertaining…perpetually challenged human female takes more than half a year (actually never reaches a decision) on how to address the challenge of informing her son’s alien father that he’s a father. For which he gets punished after rescuing her. On the good side, he acquires a mate that will never decide on something he doesn’t like.

Crossbred Son by Brenna Lyons

Crossbred Son

Favorite Quote:
Abby looked back at Michael, strapped into the car seat Gabe had borrowed from the station. “Thank you,” she repeated. “I couldn’t do this without you.”
You could have decided that at some point much earlier in the seven months we’ve been apart. “Right.”