Five Card Stud

I recommend as enjoyable/awesome! Heroine with a death wish uses herself as bait and lures in the wrong predator: an abused illiterate whoremonger who needs what’s too good for him. He stalks her, she saves him, he stalks her some more, he saves her, she uses his body and tells him to get lost, the bad guy tries to capture her, the hero captures her instead, she uses his body and escapes, he corners her in the bathtub a few towns over, the bad guy tries to capture her again, she lies to the hero to get away and go after the bad guy again, and finally the hero hunts her down and gets the nearest preacher to marry them. Worried that she’s only committing herself to him because she doesn’t intend to keep on living once she gets the bad guy, he goes for the time honored tradition of no-leaving-me-because-I-got-you-pregnant.

Five Card Stud by Gem Sivad

Five Card Stud
Favorite Quote:
“I think I can change your mind, Eden. Let’s put this in the pot. It’s the deed to some property I own.”
Eden opened the folded paper he pushed across the table and hesitantly looked at it. Shock rippled through her when she saw her own face staring up from a wanted poster.


Skies of Gold

I recommend as awesome/enjoyable! Damaged heroine goes to an island near the arctic (belonging to her family) to avoid people looking at her weird. Then she discovers she has to share the place with a cybernetically-enhanced hero trying to avoid people looking at him weird and then shooting at him. Experiencing firsthand his lack of fear to getting shot at, she doesn’t bother to order him off of her island. This turns out to be a good thing, since what’s obvious to him (and the ferryman, too) is that if she gets sick or injured, it’ll turn lethal fast…and it does. She quickly runs out of excuses to stop him from hauling her off into his steel cage and tormenting her with a painful low-self-esteem pursuit. After which, he quickly runs out of excuses to remain dead to the world, if he’s to keep the woman he needs more than batteries.

Skies of Gold by Zoe Archer

Skies of Gold
Favorite quote:
“Look somewhere else,” he growled after a moment.
She placed her hands over her eyes. “Here they’ll stay until you tell me otherwise.”
He muttered something, but judging by the sounds, he was pulling off his boots. And then his trousers and drawers.
Kali did was any sane and sensible woman would do in her place. She peeked.