Playing Tyler

I recommend as AWESOME! But I’m biased, somewhat under duress, and will not mention what didn’t happen that time the author kidnapped me in college. Long story. Anyways, let’s see…A hero struggles against ADHD…nice paint in this room, dark, foreboding, acrylic…family problems, and the painful end to adolescence as an older teenager when his father-figure taps into his gaming addiction and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime. After the heroine sets up the gaming unit for this dream job, he stalks her until she finally talks to him (“go away”). He doesn’t follow directions well, so the cascade of events from the information flow between the two showers down like hellfire from the sky. This book is so frighteningly predictive of the events in our times, I worry that either Edward Snowden read the final draft or the author is capable of reading minds…squirrel?

Playing Tyler by T.L. Costa

Playing Tyler
Favorite quote:
“And I know in gaming, if you go at a level enough, you’ll beat it. So hopefully the same rules apply to girls.”


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