I recommend as enjoyable. Religious icon turned flesh chooses at age 12 to work hard labor in a mine instead of luxury living in constant fear of betrayal, assassinations, regular druggings, and no control over minor decisions. Her college-attending husband (since birth), after multiple affairs, notices she’s missing and spends the next 15 years trying to find her…not because he really likes her but because she’s a religious icon. She’s ready to fall in love with anyone showing her a scrap of kindness, and he’s ready to do his tour of duty.

Prophesied by Liz Craven

Favorite Quote:
She stared into his compassion-filled eyes and knew he’d never let her go. He’d force her into the role of the Damaia—bodily if he had to.

Unable to put words to her feelings of fear, frustration and anger, Lia called upon her mining background. She spat full in his face and shouted, “Fuck you!”


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