Mercy Bound

For unknown reasons, the sale of this book has been restricted. The copy I purchased had no loan restrictions placed on it, so if you are very curious to read it, contact me and we can work out a temporary loan. -BZ

I recommend as enjoyable. Brother and sister…adopted…discover each other’s mutual attraction after a medical treatment goes south. The sister, a Texan familiar with rough riding, finds herself trapped on a spaceship with her alien brother slipping into heat. She wants to “help”, but that whole biting and feral domination thing is a major turnoff…until the pheromones kick in.

Mercy Bound by Kele Moon

Mercy Bound
Favorite Quotes:
“He treats me like a little sister,” Mercy whispered, still stunned by the revelation.

“He pampers you like a mate,” Conrad corrected. “Trust me, his feelings for you are anything but brotherly.”


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