The Ken Starr Report

I recommend as AWESOME! A sign that the public was ready for erotica in mass consumption, the whole world was treated to the salacious exploits of a man who could blow off some steam through worker shut-downs and trite meaningless conversation with suck-ass failure junkies. To my innocent years, the multiple uses of a cigar were most enlightening as well as the delight of a true gynophile to a woman’s company. For better or worse, the hero set a standard against which all men found themselves compared.

The Ken Starr Report by Ken Starr

Ken Starr Report
Favorite quote:
“The President indicated that Ms. Lewinsky should perform oral sex while he talked on the phone, and she obliged.(323) The telephone conversation was about politics, and Ms. Lewinsky thought the caller might be Dick Morris.(324)”

UPDATE: Starr recently had to leave his position as Chancellor of Baylor University due to a sex scandal–he failed to enforce the rules that applied to football players accused of sexually assaulting other students.


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