The Dirty Scottsdale’s Brock Landers

I recommend as entertaining. Get into the mind and the sense of humor of a Republican congressman from Arizona: Ben Quayle. As his voting record includes cuts to food programs for the children that weren’t aborted, it appears that some of his off-the-cuff jokes about his vanity and ego may not be totally far off in his failure to recognize the irony. Nevertheless, the Scottsdale nights are still young, and maybe he’ll find that smart lady he’s apparently lacking (he’s married).

Brock Landers’ Corner at the Dirty Scottsdale [DS]

Brock Landers' Corner
Favorite Quotes (So hard to choose!):
“It’s hard for me to blend in with the crowd because I’m usually the best looking fella wherever I go, but I try to be as enigmatic as possible.”

“Flush with this realization, and coupled with the fact that I have a king-sized ego that can overcome any emotional setbacks, I poured through the numerous pictures on file at the DS headquarters and found the first lady worthy of some recognition.”

“Fellas, the next time a lady describes her friend using the terms on the left, simply substitute said term with the descriptive adjective (or phrase) on the left.”

“Gorgeous” = Beautiful
“Beautiful” = Hot
“Hot” = Cute
“Pretty” = Plain
“Nice Face” = Bad Body
“Adorable” = Chubby
“Cute” = Brutal
“Smart” = Nothing, because this adjective has never been used in the DS…ever
“Alright” = Train Wreck
“One of the Nicest People I’ve Ever Met” = Probably disfigured
“Very, Very Cool” = Missing a limb
“Good Personality” = Morbidly obese/drug addict
“Really Funny” = Run. Run like P-Nazi is chasing you
“She’s sooo sweet” = Chosen by god to become a nun and should accept her fate


Dragon’s Kiss

I recommend as enjoyable. Heroine finds herself confined with the hero going schizophrenic as a dragon cohabitates in his existence. The bad news is that everyone is utterly confused and often terrified, something about fire breathing, sharp claws and teeth all commanded by the equivalent of a toddler. The good news is that both like her…really like her…total humparama like her.

Dragon’s Kiss by Tielle St.Clare

Dragon's Kiss
Favorite Quote:
“Kei? Is that really you?”
“Some of the time,” he answered honestly.

Prime Obsession

I recommend as entertaining. Chauvinistic hero discovers his genetic mate serving as a captain in a foreign fleet. He then spends the rest of the time trying to deal with it…Intimate bits are frictionally stimulating as each wrestles to be the one on top.

Prime Obsession by Monette Michaels

Prime Obsession
Favorite Quote:
“Say my name [bitch].” [Couldn’t help adding in that last part. -BZ]