Star Struck

I recommend as entertaining. If you’ve ever laughed at a porno running on fast forward, or that weird bald vampire in True Blood, then these are the sex scenes for you! Down on her luck pilot gets boarded by her true loves and has to get her ass kicked in a brutal fight to the death arranged by her future mother-in-law as punishment. Since one of the banes of her existence can actually keep her ship in good repair, the cost of recruiting a good engineer makes it worth it.

Star Struck by Buffi BeCraft

Star Struck
Favorite Quote:
Yeah, so her sense of self-preservation was lacking.


Jerry Falwell Talks About His First Time

I recommend as enjoyable…A historically moving encounter of the ‘Yo Momma’ variety. Young Falwell recounts his first time in an interview with a Campari liquor salesman. After this outhouse debacle, some shots were fired, some judges wrung their hands, and a House speaker rode out on his rail. This truly is American history at its best.

“Jerry Falwell Talks About His First Time” by Larry Flynt

Favorite quote:
And Mom looked better than a Baptist whore with a $100 donation.