The Stranger Beside Me

Dan Savage and THE GUY SITTING NEXT TO ME ON THE AIRPLANE give relationship advise to the tough-to-love. Can appreciate the predicament having had some rude businessman on the train read my journal entry for probably the better part of an hour before my companion yelled at me, “Bettie! That guy next to you is reading EVERYTHING you’re writing!” I never realized the whiny mouthings of angst-filled 21 year-olds were so riveting.

The Stranger Beside Me by Dan Savage

Strangers on a plane
Favorite Quote:
I’m writing this column on an airplane, and I was totally in the zone when I noticed that the guy sitting next to me on this airplane was reading my laptop screen. So I wrote this: “HEY! YOU! YEAH, YOU! THE GUY SITTING NEXT TO ME ON DELTA 2360! STOP READING THIS SHIT UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD!”