Taking Chances

I recommend as entertaining…so long as you have a British-type sense of humor for awkward conversations. In the midst of discussions on thermohaline circulations (the movement of salty fluids *wink wink nudge nudge nudge know-what-I-mean know-what-I-mean*) the heroine gives in to insufferable internal dialogues on not being worthy for the affection of her younger and buffer colleague. When the hero manages to keep her mouth busy with things other than blowing up their relationship, he gets some relief.

Taking Chances by Simone Bern

Taking Chances

2 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. LOL – yes, I suppose I do have a British-style sense of humour that enjoys awkward, twisting conversations (I’m Canadian, so maybe that’s close enough). I also explore a lot of personal issues in my writing that I think many women these days end up going through – messy, painful divorce; experiencing dating again after many years “off the market” (and I got a lot of offers from younger men which did puzzle me at first); and, even more important, how to learn to trust again. Thanks for the review! Simone

    • The scientist-as-romantic is a great start to comedy…not that they aren’t romantics, but lets just say it gets really “special” on how they express themselves. Anyways, that’s what attracted me to the plot, and then I ran into a voice that I’d told to “shut-up” years ago in her head–which you did write very well–so I wanted to give the reader a heads’ up in the review. Thank you for sharing your thought process on putting the story together!

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