Slip Point

I recommend as enjoyable…despite the lack of mind-blowing sex. Childhood sweethearts are broken up by the heroine’s father’s lackluster past. Arrr, he’s a dastardly pirate. Her application to the space corp denied (incredibly stupid planning on their part), she hunts her father down and demands a pirate’s apprenticeship, absent the cabin boy starting position. Forced to reunite with the ex-boyfriend on a job thanks to Dad’s blackmail, the ex quickly penetrates her fuzzy exterior, and she resignedly capitulates to going legit in order to stay with him.

Slip Point by Karalynn Lee (Warning: No pdf version available)

Slip Point
Favorite Quote:
He did not call her his daughter until a year and a half later, when she stole her first ship.


Taking Chances

I recommend as entertaining…so long as you have a British-type sense of humor for awkward conversations. In the midst of discussions on thermohaline circulations (the movement of salty fluids *wink wink nudge nudge nudge know-what-I-mean know-what-I-mean*) the heroine gives in to insufferable internal dialogues on not being worthy for the affection of her younger and buffer colleague. When the hero manages to keep her mouth busy with things other than blowing up their relationship, he gets some relief.

Taking Chances by Simone Bern

Taking Chances

Guardian of the Onyx Empire

I recommend as enjoyable. Angst-filled elven teen running from gang-raping wizards meets a brain-washed, eternally-damned human (thanks mom) pre-programmed to be sexually-obsessed with her and make her reach full potential: the ability to command armies of giant-maddened-mutant rodents. Aided and abetted by a similarly-obsessed dwarf, the action never ceases in this post-apocalyptic Earth adventure.

Guardian of the Onyx Empire by Vanessa N. Gilfoy

Guardian of the Onyx Empire
Favorite quote:
“If you’d met some woman just as stumpy as you and who could somehow look past your crabby, irritating little insults I wouldn’t embarrass you in front of her.”

Gray’s stony face twitched in the glow of her eyes. “Look, ye brainless stick, there be somethin’ he ain’t sayin’.”

Electric Transmission…

An electrician looking to blow off some energy, assembles his guy attachments, suspension clamps, pole bands, and butt wraps in order to drill a hole and fill it.

Electric Transmission… by the Rural Utilities Service

Electric Transmission
Favorite quote:
All field drilled holes must be thoroughly treated with a heavy application of preservative compound approved by the engineer.