Janaya (Alien Encounter Book 1)

I recommend as entertaining…a crazy, old bat (the best character in the story) crash lands on Earth with her niece and does everything but cackle, “double, double toil and trouble.” Any scene with 3 characters or more sets up the banter for a giggle, while the more intimate bits leave you with that anticipatory feeling of watching an excruciatingly slow train wreck.

Janaya by Shelley Munro

Favorite quote:
Luke stomped over to Janaya and arrived in time to hear a chat-up line. He curled his arm around Janaya’s waist in a clear statement of possession before he remembered they’d told everyone they were cousins. Shit.

***Formerly “Talking dogs, aliens, and purple people eaters” when published by Ellora’s Cave.

2 thoughts on “Janaya (Alien Encounter Book 1)

  1. Thanks so much for updating your review. That error mesage from the Ellora site was making me a tad impatient. I so desperately wanted to read this book, from my unrealised crazy old bat fetish to the twitching from waiting that half second for the browser refresh button to finally tell me it was time to hit the icon again, I wasn’t sure I’d ever sleep or eat before the madness truely set in.

    • LOL! So dramatic. 🙂

      FYI: The cover images are usually the first links to break when a book’s status changes, so that’s one of the reasons that they’re loaded into the blog–a quick check that all the links are updated. It appears that Ellora’s Cave has a new default, so in another month will get a new system going for checking the book statuses. Thank you for your persistence, or else the problem wouldn’t have caught my attention!

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