On the Prowl

I recommend as entertaining.  The hero is a big pussy who is fixated on his brother’s fiance’s sister.  The sister consistently finds excuses to get away from everyone else leading to…what should have been a brief session of hissing, neck biting, and hip thrusts…but instead turned into one of the three.

On the Prowl by Yvette Hines

On the Prowl



I recommend as enjoyable…An academic in the Norwegian countryside finds herself trapped with a Viking long since gone stir-crazy a millenium ago. To say he’s orgasmically ecstatic about having company would be an understatement.

Captured by Melinda Barron

Favorite Quote:
He wasn’t sure which god was responsible for this gift, but he didn’t plan on turning it down.

Intergalactic Pain in the Ass

For unknown reasons, the sale of this book has been restricted. The copy I purchased had no loan restrictions placed on it, so if you are very curious to read it, contact me and we can work out a temporary loan. -BZ

I recommend as entertaining/enjoyable. Everyone will identify the similarities in the plot line with half a glance from a distance of 10 parsecs, but the goofy nature of the silly jokes keeps it from getting boring. The sex scenes are…howlingly funny. The very light BDSM is sooo worth a read.

Intergalactic Pain in the Ass by Jaide Fox

Intergalactic Pain in the Ass
Favorite Quotes (This part is actually pretty hard):

(a) He gave her a look of triumph. She gave him a look that said she was not impressed.

(b) Hauk’s cock screamed and ran for cover.

(c) She couldn’t leave him tied up indefinitely, and she had a very bad feeling that he wasn’t going to be a sport about this.