Berrr’s Vow

For unknown reasons, the sale of this book has been restricted. The copy I purchased had no loan restrictions placed on it, so if you are very curious to read it, contact me and we can work out a temporary loan. -BZ

I recommend as enjoyable. Superhuman hero saves heroine from slavery, but not from Homeric misunderstandings, his harem, his guests, and worst-of-all his estranged wife. Fortunately the heroine can run like hell and knows some self-defense. The ‘mounting’ and ‘licking’ is Zorn-hot.

Berrr’s Vow by Laurann Dohner

Berrr's Vow
Favorite quote:
“If that’s true and Berrr can’t stop those men from hurting me, why did you just save my ass?”
A grin split his features. “That is what friends do and Berrr will appreciate the gesture I made. I want him to send me a human if he comes across a stray one…”

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