Tempting Rever

I recommend as enjoyable! It’s the fairy-tale infidelity…alien-human couple find solace in each other as their mates threaten to ruin their lives.

Tempting Rever by Laurann Dohner

Tempting Rever
Favorite quote:
Rever rose to his feet. He turned to face Brenda. “Now you.”








Music that reminded me of the story:


A Hero’s Welcome

I recommend as entertaining! In summary, eight words:
Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

Absent the relatively philosophical discussions in the movie, I laughed myself
silly reading this $1 hack worth every penny! It’s a literary version
of “shooting the moon”: it’s so bad, it’s GREAT!

A Hero’s Welcome by Jan Springer

A Hero's Welcome
Favorite quote:
And he didn’t miss the look of longing in her eyes. He’d seen that look in many women back on Earth, right before he’d bedded them.

Berrr’s Vow

For unknown reasons, the sale of this book has been restricted. The copy I purchased had no loan restrictions placed on it, so if you are very curious to read it, contact me and we can work out a temporary loan. -BZ

I recommend as enjoyable. Superhuman hero saves heroine from slavery, but not from Homeric misunderstandings, his harem, his guests, and worst-of-all his estranged wife. Fortunately the heroine can run like hell and knows some self-defense. The ‘mounting’ and ‘licking’ is Zorn-hot.

Berrr’s Vow by Laurann Dohner

Berrr's Vow
Favorite quote:
“If that’s true and Berrr can’t stop those men from hurting me, why did you just save my ass?”
A grin split his features. “That is what friends do and Berrr will appreciate the gesture I made. I want him to send me a human if he comes across a stray one…”

Cyberevolution Book II: Cyborg

I recommend as enjoyable. Physically strong heroine with serious emotional flaws gets busy with 3 cyborgs only 1 of which is any good for her. The other 2 use a common tried-and-true method for getting laid: the demonstrate-you-don’t-find-me-repulsive guilt trip. The story exhibits a remarkable difference to most of the erotic genre in mentioning the vaginal leakage of seminal fluids following unprotected sex.

Cyberevolution Book II: Cyborg by Kaitlyn O’Connor

Favorite Quote:
Her body tensed, pleasure coiling tightly inside of her as his turgid flesh slowly invaded, stroking the sensitive inner flesh and touching of waves of exhilaration.