Kidnapping Casey

I recommend as enjoyable as long as you also enjoyed “Tie me up, tie me down”…just have Antonio Banderas played by an alien. This one is the funniest of the series with some memorable quotes, turned tables, and a lot of irrational behavior. I would consider the “forced seductions” as rape, except for the the olfactory communication that occurs between the superhuman hero and heroine.

Kidnapping Casey by Laurann Dohner

Kidnapping Casey
Some of my more favorite quotes by the heroine include:

“It’s been fun, well, up until you told me I couldn’t go home.”

“It means something bad, you big, alien jerk.”

“Can’t you stop punishing me and let me just get to know you?”

Music that the story reminded me of:


Daryk Hunter

This one had a plot!!! The main characters somehow managed to have chemistry despite (or perhaps b/c of) appallingly divergent conversations…the awkwardness of which was generally amusing. The gradual “de-flowering” of the virgin was uncomfortably realistic. This is “friction” at its finest, shall we say.

Daryk Hunter by Denise A. Agnew

Daryk Hunter
Favorite quotes:

“She understood the long, thick hardness so intimately snuggled where it shouldn’t be. His manhood. Though she had never felt an erection pressed against her, she had heard about the mating act and had spent a good deal of time wondering about it.”

Talson’s Wait

Overall, I recommend it as an entertaining, fun little read. Everything is rather undeveloped, but for the most part the reader can fill in the abbreviated plot. Unfortunately, the sexual acts when the hero catches up to his wayward slave at the end are inconsistent with character development. This action is similar to pornography in both verbal and physical interactions–mechanical, but the scantily-clad plot gives it the desired stimulating effect (at least for women). Finally, the fantasy that a man wants to marry a woman who lets him do whatever he wants is such complete bullshit, the finale came off a bit flaccid.

Talson’s Wait by Marie Harte

Talson's Wait

Favorite Quote:
“You’ll never know how fucking happy I was when you knocked me over the head with that cheap hunk of wood.”