Continental Cuisine

I recommend as entertaining (links at the bottom of the article)…”Continental Cuisine” and “Lauren’s” were written by no-less than the former Chairwoman of the SC State Board of Education. Her style is impressive, penetrating the reader’s mind with the simulated senses of her characters. The 6 pages are hard erotica covered by a sheer veneer of plot. It’s what’s underneath and how it’s used that’s fascinating…

Sex Education at

If we assume that, in contrast to her public statements, this is a personal opinion on sex education, then masturbation should be taught and oral sex is “safe”. But there appears to be a subtext to the stories that borders on misogyny: the role of a “cum slut” is to be a really good sex toy. The best part to these writings was probably the meaning behind utilizing the spouse’s “success” award as a dildo.

Sex Education