Twice to the Stars

This read was AWESOME! The twins’ cabin left me howling remembering “Foul Play” with Dudley Moore, the mystery surrounding the stalker had elements of “Throw Momma From the Train”, and the sex only paused long enough for the reader to recover! Thank you, ma’am! May I please have another?!

Twice to the Stars by Alexis Reed

Twice to the Stars
I think my favorite quote is:
“She has that look in her eyes,” he said with mock-wariness. “The one she gets when she gets her hands on a brand-new engine part.”


My Alien Threesome

I recommend as enjoyable. I would pay to see an ethics training class take this one on. The scene when the aphrodisiac first takes effect is hilariously embarrassing, and my favorite part is that the hero isn’t wealthy/powerful…much easier character to connect with.

My Alien Threesome by Amy Redwood

My Alien Threesome

Favorite Quote:
Since he didn’t seem inclined to honor my admittingly forward request, I climbed with my knees on the table, crossed over to his side to give him a better idea about what I wanted from him.