I recommend as entertaining/enjoyable! Heroine who gets to discover the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished, gets kidnapped by an alien and his human partner bent on revenge. Everyone moves crosswise with each other, achieving varying levels of disaster, until the alien finally admits his partner’s correct: the heroine is their mate. Finally working as a team, with plenty of hot sex, they’re almost ready to take on the galactic slave trade. First, she’s got to save an alien kid and her mom.

Defiance by Beth D. Carter


Favorite quotes:
“It was foolish to attack something you don’t know a thing
about,” David told her.
“I could say the same for kidnapping me,” Jordan said. She
gestured to the damage. “By the way, this is all your fault.”
“Our fault?” Laith roared.


I recommend as entertaining! How do you get two characters together whose backgrounds and personalities are going to be a barrier to any romantic conclusion? Kidnap them and stick them in a cage together. Ta da! Two poor communicators end up spending 200 pages failing to communicate until everyone else around them intervenes to clean the mess up. Naturally, to make any sense, the sex is great.

Brawn by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
He glanced down at her and arched an eyebrow as he carried her through the
house. “I’m aware of some of your laws. Possession is nine-tenths of it and I have you.”

Among Galactic Ruins

I recommend as awesome! Wealthy heiress-turned-archeologist, with a foundational fracture in her self-esteem, gets saddled with a retired assassin for protection on an expedition. Deliberately irritating each other as she chafes under his security and he dismisses her as “princess”, the expedition promises to set up a battle royale between the two of them. The problem is that her tendency to stick his face in his preconceptions and return jab-for-jab to his little digs isn’t what he’s used to. And, compared to his experiences prior, is downright endearing. With the hero’s increasing confidence in her expedition, the heroine doesn’t stand a chance…especially not after he accidentally comes across her in her non-regulation-expedition lingerie.

Among Galactic Ruins by Anna Hackett

Among Galactic Ruins

Favorite quote:
She poked her tongue out at him.

Something in Damon stretched very, very taut, threatening to snap. Lust and need were a hot rush in his body. “You poke that out again and I’ll find a better use for it.”

She stilled, her eyes widening. Then she poked her tongue out at him again.


Fun video advertising the series!

Home is the Sailor

I recommend as enjoyable! Heroine stuck in her shitty past ends up having to deal with criminals from her ex’s shitty past because she’s still a lever on him. He wants what he lost (and then some), while she gave up hope, half-living through others. Lithium and water chemistry catches fire when circumstances force her into his pool.

Home is the sailor by Jolie Mason

Home is the sailor

Favorite quote:

“I have a different treatment in mind.”
“What are you doing?” Ari asked.
“Getting over it”, he answered cryptically.


Or maybe it’s more like sodium and chlorine…

Captain’s Captive

Recommend as entertaining!  Space pirate dealing with a hostage situation discovers that she’s the honest one…for once.  Psychic alien cop in a playboy costume finds his cover saddled with an unreliable female accessory.  Having every reason to not find each other attractive, there’s just one thing: she gets hot when caught and punished.  Which means Officer Psychic finds himself trapped by his own prisoner.

Captain’s Captive by Jayne Ripley

Captains Captive

Favorite quote:

Groxx me, I had to get a cop.

Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

“Avocadoes are vital to this nation’s security interests. The Communists are already in control of Nicaragua and Guatemala and El Salvador, strife with revolution. California is the last secure supply of avocadoes in the free world! We’re on the verge of a major Avocado Gap with the Soviet Union.”

Not quite in my generation, but was aware enough of off-color comedy to think of this movie first when listening to the news. Relative to the movie, long story short, um, yeah. It’s, um, yeah. Let’s try a list:

  • awesome movie bimbos → extreme feminist leaders
  • Sonoran Desert → Avocado Jungle
  • standard battle of the sexes → men are for sex and food
  • reasonable debate → hilarious extremes

I really enjoyed it. Particularly the tying up and sexing bits.

Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989)