Her Secret Dom

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I recommend as entertaining! Heroine with body issues, daddy issues, mommy issues, and surprise, surprise, self-esteem problems (a.k.a. easy target), becomes the focus of a beefcake veteran businessman…who happened upon her ignoring him at a bookstore…yeah. That’s right. But it’s not totally unfeasible, because he’s got his issues, too…control issues, and she’s going to be easy to control. Just high maintenance. Have I mentioned I can’t stand the term “fuck me” heels? “Fuck my ankles” heels is more like it. Anyways, he forgets their six month dating anniversary. You read that right…SIX. MONTH. DATING. High maintenance. She gets busted wearing ankle-twisters at a dinner with another man, and he decides it’s time to exert more control.

Her Secret Dom by Samantha Cote

Her Secret Dom

Favorite Quote:
“And I will be more up-front about my thoughts and feelings,” Jared pledged. “Is this what you want…what you need?”

She gave him a tremulous smile and nodded.

“Then you’ve got it. And Pam?”

“Yes, Jared?” she responded breathlessly.

“If you ever pull a stunt like this again, I will paddle your ass so hard and so long, you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”


Music the story reminded me of:

Liberation’s Kiss

I recommend as entertaining! Overprotected heroine is saved (1) by a code-corrupted android (2) corrupting the code in the android sent to assassinate her. Cut off from his primary network by the corrupted-code, the assassin becomes the hero because the only signal he CAN detect anymore is the heroine’s, and keeping it, um her, live becomes his new purpose in…running? executing? existing? “living”? Eh, something…

So yeah, this story totally messes with your head.

Anyways, I dare you to find a woman that will not take a second look at a perfect man with integral devotion and dedicated protection. Only drawback: the 2nd assassin that shows up to reconnect perfect-man back to the network. He doesn’t look so appealing when rebooted and shooting at the heroine. Androids. Great while they work, but those bugs are not “features”.

Speaking of “features”, pretty much laughed through all their awkward romantic interactions.

Liberation’s Kiss by Wendy Lynn Clark

Liberations Kiss

Favorite Quote:
His wide hand slid across the small of her back and pressed her into his hard belly. Her heart began to pound. His thumb tilted up her chin and stroked the angle of her sensitive jaw, sending tingles to her lips. Yes. She parted her lips, melting into him, and her body opened like a flower to his life-sustaining sun.

He tilted his head. “Sorry, Cressida.”

Realization hit her. He wasn’t kissing her. He was inspecting her for injuries.


Scene that the story reminded me of..

Civilized Mating

I recommend as entertaining! Heroine has friend who is an idiot. Idiot calls for help. Heroine gives up any chance of being promoted to go help the idiot. On being rescued, idiot tells heroine that she didn’t really need a rescue and is “confused”. Reader gets denied seeing heroine throttle idiot and point out the patently obvious state of her idiocy. Where was I? Oh, yeah, heroine’s psychically trapped by a couple of beefcakes (of course, most powerful on the planet…whatever) and one of them treats her like shit. Ah, physical attraction turned emotional abuse. Run, heroine, run! She actually does, yay, but this being the story that it is, jackass gets to recover the relationship. Reader eye-rolls into next week. Sex is awkward. Funnily awkward.

A Civilized Mating by Marie Harte

Civilized Mating

Favorite quote:
Who knew she’d find a tiny sliver of boyfriend heaven up in the stars?

Xaveht took her hand away and wiped it on her own belly, exposed by her cropped tank. “Now you will smell like me.”


Movie the heroine reminded me of (Martha)…


I recommend as entertaining/enjoyable! Heroine who gets to discover the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished, gets kidnapped by an alien and his human partner bent on revenge. Everyone moves crosswise with each other, achieving varying levels of disaster, until the alien finally admits his partner’s correct: the heroine is their mate. Finally working as a team, with plenty of hot sex, they’re almost ready to take on the galactic slave trade. First, she’s got to save an alien kid and her mom.

Defiance by Beth D. Carter


Favorite quotes:
“It was foolish to attack something you don’t know a thing about,” David told her.
“I could say the same for kidnapping me,” Jordan said. She gestured to the damage. “By the way, this is all your fault.”
“Our fault?” Laith roared.


I recommend as entertaining! How do you get two characters together whose backgrounds and personalities are going to be a barrier to any romantic conclusion? Kidnap them and stick them in a cage together. Ta da! Two poor communicators end up spending 200 pages failing to communicate until everyone else around them intervenes to clean the mess up. Naturally, to make any sense, the sex is great.

Brawn by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
He glanced down at her and arched an eyebrow as he carried her through the
house. “I’m aware of some of your laws. Possession is nine-tenths of it and I have you.”

Among Galactic Ruins

I recommend as awesome! Wealthy heiress-turned-archeologist, with a foundational fracture in her self-esteem, gets saddled with a retired assassin for protection on an expedition. Deliberately irritating each other as she chafes under his security and he dismisses her as “princess”, the expedition promises to set up a battle royale between the two of them. The problem is that her tendency to stick his face in his preconceptions and return jab-for-jab to his little digs isn’t what he’s used to. And, compared to his experiences prior, is downright endearing. With the hero’s increasing confidence in her expedition, the heroine doesn’t stand a chance…especially not after he accidentally comes across her in her non-regulation-expedition lingerie.

Among Galactic Ruins by Anna Hackett

Among Galactic Ruins

Favorite quote:
She poked her tongue out at him.

Something in Damon stretched very, very taut, threatening to snap. Lust and need were a hot rush in his body. “You poke that out again and I’ll find a better use for it.”

She stilled, her eyes widening. Then she poked her tongue out at him again.


Fun video advertising the series!

Home is the Sailor

I recommend as enjoyable! Heroine stuck in her shitty past ends up having to deal with criminals from her ex’s shitty past because she’s still a lever on him. He wants what he lost (and then some), while she gave up hope, half-living through others. Lithium and water chemistry catches fire when circumstances force her into his pool.

Home is the sailor by Jolie Mason

Home is the sailor

Favorite quote:

“I have a different treatment in mind.”
“What are you doing?” Ari asked.
“Getting over it”, he answered cryptically.


Or maybe it’s more like sodium and chlorine…