I recommend as entertaining! Heroine, trying to escape slavery, picks a planet with a dark history of human experimentation. She didn’t have enough time for thorough research. The hero, one of the experiments gone wrong (an imperfect gigolo), finds her, figures out her situation, hides her in his home, and…offers up his services. Which threatens his own plans for escaping the planet, as his friends keep pointing out before he kicks them back out into the street. And naturally, each time the heroine helps him out, it’s so dangerous that he has to punish her…with intense orgasms…which seems kind of counter-productive.

Kieran by Allyson James


Favorite quote:
“I don’t have a lot to offer you,” he said. “I like you, but I don’t have much to give. A cup of water, a place to stay, and sex.”


Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody

Like most women, I find that much of the conventional porn out there isn’t really worth remarking on**, but this one is different. Between the Leia and Darth Vader action (think about that for a moment), the hot storm troopers, and well, Han does more than “shoot first”, I don’t want to give it all away. This was an honest-to-God eruption of laughs.

Star Wars XXX


Favorite quote:
“You came in that thing? You’re braver then I thought.”

“Bet you said that to a lot of guys. C’mon.”

**The main difference between porn and erotica is that porn just shows the mechanics of sex while erotica has the characters talk during and after. Have more thoughts and examples (not porn) posted here.

Sci-fi Erotica Reviews Library

Dear readers! The erotica publishing industry has been hard on my poor catalog of reviews here. Some publishers have gone out-of-business, others required the authors change the titles and/or even their pen-names in order to keep their texts published. Maintaining all these links up-to-date has been distressing, so I’ve been looking for a long-term solution.

Enter SecondLife. This is a “game” in which you create an avatar and explore worlds that can only exist in virtual reality. The great benefit to this world is that it’s easier for me to loan one of my books that’s been reviewed for a set time frame. Otherwise, well, the technological issues get into areas that most people won’t want to borrow at that point.

So if there’s a particular book that you’ve been curious about and is unavailable for purchase, go into secondlife and let me know!


Loving Deviant

I recommend as entertaining! 35-year-old virgin cyborg discovers that his deflowering-partner, a sexbot, is not so much a bot. More like the mail-order-bride of the station-master. So, the hero’s been blown to heaven and wants a lot more. The heroine’s desperate to get off the station before her “husband” sends her to the brothel and is willing to trade sex for it. (There is a difference..who keeps the money.) Anyhow, she takes the hero’s offer: an indefinite contract of sexual ownership (and no sharing). Now all they have to do is smuggle her back to the ship. Which is hard, very hard.

Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
She hesitated and his smile faded.
“Are you having a problem with your audio sensors?”

“Did I just get myself into worse trouble?”

Bewitching The Faerie

*Unfortunately, this title isn’t for sale, but if you’d like to borrow my copy, please contact me!

I recommend as entertaining/enjoyable! Haphazard witch accidentally undoes one of her ancestors’ spells and releases an “evil” faerie. Who is pretty upset at having been imprisoned for over three hundred years. So somebody is going to pay. Preferably the nearest closest relative…who smells nice, is smoking hot for a walking disaster, and is the most stubborn woman he’s met in centuries.

Bewitching The Faerie by Cynthia Rayne


Favorite quote:
A sickening green cloud enveloped him that smelled somewhat like rotten eggs but he remained uninjured by her efforts.
“This has ceased to be amusing, witch.”



Music that reminded me of this story:


I recommend as enjoyable! The naive heroine and ape-man hero are drugged, forcing them to either endure intense pain or hold it off by having sex with each other. Despite all indications to the contrary, it turns out that this is the one time her luck with men doesn’t suck. It’s actually an ecstatic life saver. And a life-changer. You see, the drug’s intended target, the ape-man, decides she belongs to him.

The hero has a plan. First, he’s got to help her escape from the kidnapping ex-fiance. Second, he needs to move himself in with her like that’s perfectly normal. Ta da.

Smiley by Laurann Dohner


Favorite quote:
“It’s the drug. Go ahead and pull my hair, tear my shirt and bite me all you want.”