Grabbed by Vicious

I recommend as enjoyable/awesome! Recognizing a fellow strategist amongst the available women in a backwards village, the hero hunts the heroine down. He’s thrilled. She’s terrified. Slight problem there. Fortunately, he’s patient and his fellow brothers-in-arms, while generally clueless, all try to help. Not because he outranks them or anything. Stuffed full of hot, sweet, penetrating, and stimulating sex scenes! Come for the deflowering and keep going for the post-fight make-ups…plural…

Grabbed by Vicious by Lolita Lopez


Favorite quote:
“You know, Vicious is going to be furious if he finds out about this.”

“About you looking at me half-naked or the dead man in my hotel room?”


I recommend as entertaining! A reluctant hero, a damsel who wouldn’t be in distress if it weren’t for the fact of who she’s related to, and a little lie make for an out-of-control adventure with aliens, mutants, pirates, and wolves. So Jewel’s father, who she knew she should have left years earlier, sells her to get fucked by a mutant king. She runs, finally, and gets caught by the not-yet hero. Who really would be another bad guy that realizes too late he screwed up…better late than never I guess. Best scene is when she freaks out because he freaks out because she lied to him.

Jewell by Ashlynn Monroe


Favorite quote:
He should’ve known his first intimate mind conversation [telepathic] with his woman would be an argument.

Echo: Approaching Shatter

I recommend as entertaining! Super-soldier becomes social outcast, meaning bonus points for wasting his anal-retentive stuck-up-on-standards pain-in-the-ass. Well-wishers don’t care and friends help him out with choices on how to go out. Good times. Way hot sex! Just not enough of it. Hopefully volumes 2 and 3 will put out better.

Echo: Approaching Shatter by Kent Wayne


Favorite quote:
“Staring at penis for hours on end…Sounds like the perfect job for you.”






So after watching this, keep thinking of the final fight scene in the book. You have to read to see why!